About Us

Adumek Elevator Company Limited was incorporated in Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company, and commenced business fully as the distributor of poupular Elevator brands in Nigeria and also, a service provider to all brands of elevators. Adumek Elevator Company Limited has a mandate to  improve the quality and value of properties in Nigeria and its environs through the distribution, installation and provision of after sales maintenance and services of  world acclaimed elevators, for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We have resolved to change and reposition the quality of maintenance and services given to different brands of lift products. The company was formed by a group of consortium with diversified experience in lift installation, sales, maintenance and services. Our team of quality and experienced personnel is led by well trained and motivated staffs, who has over two decades experience in the industry.

What we do

Adumek Elevators . is a Nigerian Company, which Sells, Services, Modernizes and Maintains:

  • Residential Elevators
  • Commercial Elevators
  • Construction Hoists
  • Limited Use Limited Application Elevators (LULA)
  • Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Inclined Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters
  • Material Lifts (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors)
  • And all associated Vertical Transportation Equipment



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